Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Monday, January 2, 2017

Ormes Peak (W0C/FR-052) SOTA Activation

To ring in 2017, I decided to attempt Ormes Peak for the Zulu New Year's roll-over.  I chose Ormes Peak for this occasion specifically because it is close to my home (line of sight).  Not having a dedicated off road vehicle limits my access to many summits here in Colorado, but it does not limit my ambition to reach those peaks.  The easy route to Ormes Peak is by the Forest Service Roads accessed through Woodland Park (Directions on Summit Post).  Given the recent snowfall and uncertain road conditions I set my mind to reaching the summit on foot from Blodgett Peak Open Space.

Getting There

Blodgett Peak
I arrived at the Blodgett Peak Open Space parking lot (approximately 7100' elevation) off of Woodman Rd around 13:30 and set off on the Blodgett Peak trail.  The first portion of this trail simply follows the gravel road up to a city water supply tank.  From the water tank I followed a trail to the left along a fence line up through some scrub Oaks and into a wash leading steeply uphill.  There was a mix of snow, ice and loose gravel on the ascent.  My goal was to reach Ormes Pk by 16:00 but my progress was not looking good.  Around the 8200' mark I made the decision to go off trail to attempt to reach the ridgeline to the south of the Blodgett trail and ultimately save some time.  This decision was a rough go, facing steep segments and occasional fields of loose boulders.  I finally reached the highest ridge line around 15:30 (9250').  From the ridge I could finally see my destination to the west as the sun was fast approaching the horizon.

APRS.FI track of my route

Overland I Go

View of Pikes Peak from Ormes Peak
This part of the hike was relatively easy.  I tried to travel along contour as much as possible, making my way west.  There was only a little snow on the ground in places the sun did not regularly shine on this time of year.  The deepest drifts in the hillside troughs were only knee deep.  This area of the Rampart Range was heavily damaged by the Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012.  The stands of burnt trees made the trek fairly easy to see the path of least resistance. Along the way were signs of a significant deer and elk population.  I used their trails through the snow to ease my way.  Finally, I reached FS Road 303 by 16:00 and made haste to it and up the SE ridge line towards the summit.  Along the way I stumbled across a well worn trail and used it for the final push, reaching the top at 16:25 as the sun was beginning to set.  The weather was clear and brisk with a little breeze.  I knew the cold would set upon me quickly so I wasted little time setting up my Ham radio antenna to activate for Summits On The Air.  Below are my logs for 31 Dec and 1 Jan activations.

This Little Light of Mine

With fresh batteries in my headlamp I headed confidently off the summit into the eerily quiet darkness.  It did not take too long for me to lose the trail off the summit so I navigated on my own downhill in search of the service road.  I found my way back to the point I first found the road and the point where a trail heads east towards Colorado Springs.  I used this primitive trail for about a mile until the snow pack faded to the point I could no long follow the motorcycle and foot tracks.  Fortunately I did have decent cell coverage and used Google Maps to head towards the ridge line, this time to the south of where I had crossed over before.  The city lights in the background helped outline the ridges for me to make sense of where I was headed.  Back at the main ridge I came upon a precipice with a good 70' dropoff.  My headlamp just barely cast enough light to the bottom to make me realize I did not want fall off...  Not wanting to have search and rescue meet me this evening, I found a safe path down by walking south along the ridge for a hundred meters or so.  Then it was down, up and over a lesser ridge and into the headwaters of a wash leading back to the Open Space.  Here I came across another primitive trail leading steeply downhill.  The temperature dropped significantly here as the cold air of the night settled down into the low parts of the mountains.  I finally came across an actual trail and marker pointing me in the direction of the parking lot.  By 20:15 I was back at my car, safe and sound.  My best estimate for this route was at least 7 miles roundtrip.  Happy New Year!
Colorado Springs, CO

73 and safe hiking!
31 Dec 2016 log
1 Jan 2017 log

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  1. Nice writeup! I should have tagged along, hiking up at night sounds fun.