Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cheyenne Mountain hike (W0C/FR-053)

25 June, 2016.  After an attempt to hike Cheyenne Mountain with a tired 8-year-old, I came back to make it to the summit a week later.  I woke early this Saturday in an attempt to beat the rush of Field Day followers taking up the airways later in the day.  I made it to the trail by 6:30 am and reached the summit around 7:45 am.  It was a nice hike but as K0JQZ referenced in his blog about this hike, its steep.  There really is no warm-up for the legs up besides the 50 yard walk to the trailhead (TH) from the parking area.

To get there from Colorado Springs just follow the Old Stage Road.  Watch out for the blind corners along the gravel road.  Once you see the Broadmoor Horse Stables sign on the left, there is a parking area on the right.  The TH is behind the sign you passed.  The trail you want goes straight up the hill. There is another trail at the TH immediately to the left which travels mostly on contour along the western slope of Cheyenne Mountain.  The trail to the summit is easy to follow for the first third of the hike.  After an initial rise you come to a scattering of a few fire pits along a ridge where people have camped out.

From there the trail is less discernable.  Basically, after the third fire pit, follow the terrain down and to the east along a shallow saddle, then go up, up, up.  There was not a clear trail so I followed the path of least resistance, and occasionally I came across signs of a path from previous trekkers. The final ascent brings you into a shallower grade, and on the day I climbed, into aspens and grasses interspersed amongst the larger trees.  The change in pitch and vegetation was a welcoming sight and gave me an extra boost to get to the summit.  The view from the top was awesome of the surrounding mountains but had limited views to the east.

Map from ListsofJohn(.com)

A view from the trail to the summit.

My ham shack under the pines. 

A view west from Cheyenne Mountain summit (Pikes Peak in the distance).

By the way, after working at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station for nine months, I think I'd prefer to be on the mountain than in it.

73 and safe hiking,